Our vision is to assist area employers put in place policies, systems and environmental strategies that support physical activity, healthy eating and cardiovascular risk awareness and health.

Our goals are to have ...

  1. Employers use evidence-based/best practice initiatives and strategies to increase physical activity throughout the day and improve nutrition focusing on employees and, by extension, their families. 
  2. Employers establish outcome goals for increased physical activity throughout the day and improved nutrition among employees.
  3. Employers raise awareness about cardiovascular risk, facilitate improved detection of high blood pressure, and encourage better self-care and appropriate use of the health care system in the management of cardiovascular health.

The tools and resources available HERE will help employers ...

  1. Assess and expand worksite wellness programs: On-line assessment tools, programs and resources that many businesses, regardless of their size, industry, or available resources (financial, human), can easily implement. The Worksite Wellness Checkup is intended to be completed by employers on an annual basis. Historical reports will be made available to monitor progress in wellness programming. 
  2. Develop strategies to promote cardiovascular health, increased physical activity and access to healthier food choices in the workplace: On an annual basis, adopt or create community-wide worksite wellness strategies and campaigns which promote cardiovascular health. 
  3. Establish metrics and measure progress: Tools will allow employers to define measures of success and develop work plans with actionable step.

Create or access an account to take our Worksite Wellness Checkup:

BE SURE TO TAKE THE 2015-2016 Worksite Wellness Checkup - NOT the 2013-2014 Index which is visible only for reference by those who took the index.